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Village in the Young Stone Age

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Tellus, Geschichtsbilder, Serie 3


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Kügler, J.


Tellus-Verlag, Essen

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European history   

The picture shows life and culture around 4000 to 2000 B.C. in the south-western part of Germany: In the foreground a big house of wood and clay with a thatched roof is depicted. It is built on piles close to the lake (the Lake Constance). In the background you can see a further lake-dwelling settlement which is only accessible by a narrow bridge. The following activities are depicted on the wall chart: On the right side in the foreground you can see three men at work, constructing further lake-dwellings. Left of them a further man is working with a Young Stone Age drilling machine. A woman with a child on her arm is standing at his side and a young boy is playing on the wooden ground. Behind him you can see a domestic dog. On the right side of the family a women is weaving cloth with help of a weaving frame and another women is milling grain on a granitic boulder. On the water you can see fishermen at work with their fishing nets and spears; others are caving a tree trunk with the purpose to use it as a boat. In the background peasants are furrowing the field.