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Kappeler Milchsuppe (Milk-soup of Kappel)

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Das Schweizerische Schulwandbilder Werk


Frühe Neuzeit

Scene of action:

Kappel am Albis


Kälin, O.


Ernst Ingold & Co., Herzogenbuchsee

Year of publication:



War    Religion    European history   

The picture shows the so called „milk-soup of Kappel“, the meal that took place in celebration of the First Peace of Kappel (1529), near Kappel am Albis. Setting up a huge wooden tub with milk-soup the infantry of both armies fraternized with each other, just on the borderline between the two cantons. The negotiations between the warring reformed and catholic villages are still going on in the background. But in the foreground the dispute is already settled by sharing the milk soup.