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Gustav IV Adolf of Sweden, praying before the Battle of Lützen 1632

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Engleder, Vaterländische Geschichtsbilder nach Orginalen in den königlichen Museen


Frühe Neuzeit

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Braun, L.


Piloty und Loehle, München

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“Based on an oil-painting of Prof. Louis Braun”. The picture shows king Gustav II Adolf (1594-1632), who1630 intervened in the Thirty Years War in Germany. He fought for the German Protestants against the Habsburg powers, who reaching the Baltic Sea were a threat to Sweden. In the year 1632 near Lützen (today Saxony-Anhalt) he fought against Wallenstein and the Habsburg troops and was killed by a shoot. Later the Protestants revered him as martyr and declared him savior of the German Protestantism, although he only aimed at defending the hegemonic power of Sweden. The picture shows Gustav praying before the battle raising his sword up to the sky. Behind Gustav you can see cavalries with the Swedish flag, in front of him killed soldiers.