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Heemskerk’s hibernation on Nova Zembla (1596)

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  • Op de reede van Bantam 1598.
  • Prince Maurice at Geertruidenberg (1593)
  • De slag bij Nieuwpoort.
  • The battle of Nieuwpoort (1600)
  • Siege of Breda (1590)
  • The arrival of the Earl of Leicester at Vlissingen (1585)
  • The naval Battle of Gibraltar (death of Heemskerk) (1607)
  • Meeting between Prince Maurice and Spinola (1608)
  • Prince William I shot by Balthasar Gerards (1584)


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History of the native country


Explorers and reformers

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Russia, Arctische Oceaan


Eichman, J.H. en Altmann, H.


L. de Fouw, Goes

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Trade    Voyage of Discovery   

The Dutch tried to discover an overseas trading route to Asia via the North. The exploration was carried out by Jacob van Heemskerk and Willem Barendsz in 1596. Their ships got wedged between the ice at Nova Zembla forcing them to spend the winter there.