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Celebration at a German princely court in the 18th century

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Der Neue Schulmann


Frühe Neuzeit

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Rohrhirsch, E.


Der Neue Schulmann, Stuttgart

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European history   

The picture shows a grand princely Court in the baroque period (end of 16th/ 17th century). The depicted scene takes place in the courtyard garden where music and fireworks entertain the ceremony guests who are illuminated by the enlightend halls in the background. The ladies are wearing baroque-style abundant crinolines, frill sleeves, low-cut necklines, are carrying fans and are wearing small masks and have pinned-up, ribbon-decorated hairstyles. The men are wearing Justaucorps, vests, knee breeches, white knee-socks, buckled shoes, lace-trimmed collars and periwigs. Influences of French colonialism are obvious: a short, dark-skinned man with poulaines, golden earrings and a turban is running after a small dog.