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A medieval road

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Der Neue Schulmann



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Grazioli, E.


Der Neue Schulmann, Stuttgart

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The picture shows a high frequented medieval road (6th to 15th Century A. C.). The river, the fortified building (probably the building of the local or regional government), the town and the castle of the territorial lord indicate the importance of this route. The unpaved, muddy and rain-drenched road (as considerably typical for the Middle Ages) is troubling the big carriage, which the two horses are unable to draw out of the muddy clay. Two soldiers are pushing and pulling with bare hands to get it out. A squad of soldiers is guarding another fully laden covered wagon, drawn by four horses. On important trade routes the territorial lords used to offer escort for money to foreign merchants and carters. With the costums revenue he also built the bridge and overhauled the road by constructing a fence and a foot-walk on which you can see a pheasant hunter and a mushroom picker passing by. Before crossing the bridge travelers have to pay the costums at the barrier. Also depicted is a gallow on the right side of the road.