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The United States of America declare their independence from the British Empire (1776)

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Stockmann, Wandbilder zur Geschichte


Frühe Neuzeit

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Dierkes, A.


P. Stockmann, Bochum

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European history   

On 4th of July 1776 the Continental Congress of the 13 American colonies declared their independence from the British Empire and thus declared the United States of America as a sovereign state. On the picture you can see Thomas Jefferson the main author of the formal declaration, probably holding this document in his hands. The scene took place in the Pennsylvania State House (today Independence Hall) of Philadelphia where the declaration was adapted. You can see further representatives of the 13 States and on the left side of the picture is depicted the American star spangled banner, although the first version of the “Stars and Stripes” is dated to the year 1777. The 13 red and white stripes of the flag symbolize these 13 founding States of the US.