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Technical achievements are opening the gateway to the world

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Köster, Zeitgeschichte 1918-1932



Scene of action:

New York




Lehrmittelanstalt Köster und Co., München / Stuttgart

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European history   

The picture shows a cruiser (named Bremen) of the German shipping company Lloyd. The four-funnel express steamer wins the race for the fastest Atlantic crossing; in terms of technical progress the so called “decade of the Germans” (1898-1908) began. Furthermore a Zeppelin is depicted. This rigid airship was constructed by Graf von Zeppelin, who was supported by the German shipping company Hapag. On the picture you can see the cruiser and the airship arriving in the harbor of New York. They both are flagged with the black-white and red flags of the German Empire (1971-1918). American sailors are welcoming them enthusiastically. The picture intends to express the high level of German technical achievements, with which the German Empire aimed at prevailing over the rest of the world.